Headphone Wrap

I made a quick headphone wrap to avoid tangles. It's roughed out of 6061 Aluminum on the Sharp knee mill in the Imagineering lab, and has been in my bag for a few months now.

A quick 6061 Al headphone wrap I made on the manual knee mill in the Tinker lab.

Laser Cut Crest

I had about 20 minutes before a meeting yesterday, so I hopped on the Epilog laser cutter and cut out the Army Public Affairs crest for some friends. Here's a quick step-by-step for those who are interested:

A quick laser-cut acrylic Army Public Affairs crest.

Film Canister Flash Drive

Here's a quick little project I did a while ago. I really enjoy film photography. I wanted to have a portable store of my files, so I cobbled together a flash drive. Most of the shooting I do is medium format, but I used an Ilford 100 35mm canister. It took maybe 15 minutes!


Machineable Wax

Machineable wax is a great prototyping material: it doesn't gum up endmills, it keeps amazing resolution, and it's cheap compared to high density foam. Here's how to make it!

Showing the resolution of machineable wax. Minimum wall thicknesses of 0.005" and surface finishes in the sub-thousandths are easily achievable.

Jet Turbine

I went a little overboard on a course project. For my thermodynamics course we were assigned a final design task, which could be anything even tangentially related to thermodynamics... so ... any topic in the universe really. Me being me, I decided to build a jet turbine engine.


Quick +5V 2A Power Supply

I needed a +5v 2A power supply for some satellite work I'm doing tomorrow. The Radio Shack near BU wanted $29.95 for one that only put out 1A. Long story short, I made one for $2.39 instead.

+5V 2A Power Supply

Dragonfly Wings

I designed robotic dragonfly wings during a less-than-engaging-oh-why-am-I-in-this-freaking-room lecture.

3D Printed Dragonfly Wings

Timer Controller

basic concept I need control! Right now the spot weld quality varies too much for me to use for actual fabrication. I've decided to make a database of material types and thicknesses, and allow for on-the-fly timing adjustment and saving. That way, I can teach the computer as I go. I'll be able to take a couple tester strips of a material, make 10-15 welds to dial in the right time, and then forget about it.


Spot Welder

What do you do when someone tosses an ancient microwave onto the sidewalk? For me, it's a no-brainer: gut it and build something. I had to pick what to build, though. There are a ton of projects which take advantage of mass-produced microwave oven transformers (MOTs). Tesla coils, Jacob's ladders and other high voltage projects can be a lot of fun, but I wanted to create something functional: a spot welder.

Spark Test

10 Reasons to Keep Designing

Designers don't have to burn out! In the six years since I began this design business, I've come across a lot of reasons to quit designing. People burn out for lots of reasons: designer's block, long hours, lack of clients, too many clients, and of course – client-zillas. That being said, I'm still in love with the design process and find new and refreshing reasons to keep working long into the night. I've come up with why I choose to continue, and hopefully this list will give you some insight into the design world and some inspiration to continue creating.


I am capable of coding my way out of a paper bag with MATLAB.

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 8.17.25 PM